Monday, October 10, 2011

Post 4: Carbon Dioxide Paper Evaluation

Post 4: Carbon Dioxide Paper Evaluation

1. Post your group's presentation.

2. Reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the criteria established. Where these good criteria, or should there have been different criteria established? I thought this was good criteria. However, maybe more should have been added, the IPCC has alot of criteria that a paper has to meet.
3. Reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the presentations as a whole. Consider the "yes" and "no" groups as a whole. The yes group didn't have alot of prove that it was valued. And then when asked about certain points they just answered what they thought the answer was instead of finding proof in the paper or in the science community. Strengths were they did have some scientific information and they did research alot of sources. The No's had alot of prove that the information was invalid and could prove that the data was not accurate. A weakness was there was alot of repeat of information.
4. Reflect on the group management of your group. What went well, what did not? We all worked well together, we found each others strength and used them. We also put it up on google so we all could work on it at the same time. I don't really think anything went poorly. We worked pretty smoothly.
5. Reflect on the personal "ethic" you felt in your group. Did you believe in your position? Where you arguing against your beliefs?  I was arguing for my belief, I do think there was some good information however, overall  the paper was invalid.
6. Did the class make the correct decision when considering the broader impacts of the global warming/climate change debate? Why? We were not debate about the climate change. We were arguing whether the paper was valid and I do think the class made the right decision.
7. Explain the statement, "What we do in the US, soon will not matter." Provide evidence to justify this statement.  Well, there are two ways this can go. And I ask in terms of what. Education? inventions? in war? And I do agree with some if the US decided to take on the world what we would do probably would not matter.  We are slowly being out number in this world of Europe, Aisa and other Countries. Therefore, the things we might do maybe not matter.
8. Explain this statement, "What we do as individuals matters." Provide evidence to justify this statement. I agree, there has been some very important and successful people in this world. This world would be drasticly different with out them. No eletricity? no phones?, no medicines? This world is build on indiviuals and the things they let their minds discover.

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