Friday, December 9, 2011

Post 15

Blog Post 15: Entrepreneurship

I feel like with the pursuit of my career I have both businessperson traits and entrepreneur traits. First, I exhibit business traits through my value in wanting a stable and comfortable situation. However, the majority of my traits are entrepreneur. I plan to move to North Carolina, which is high risk to pursue a sports medicine program. I plan on opening an Olympic center, which is starting a new business. I am also a huge planner and always have been. I have a very high value in organization and want structured plan for everything ranging from my daily routine to even a time line for the rest of my life. However, I am not so na├»ve that I don’t realize that plans are always subject to change. I am also very self-motivated, with a constant drive to keep improving and moving forward. The signature for my emails is “UP&ONWARD.”  I am always striving to better myself and the people around me. I also have a very high value for travel, change and adventure. I show this in my life goals of my PDP. I want to travel to Bali and to take other high risk trips such as a medical mission trip.  My ideas for my future may not be extremely unique; however, they are driven by the fact that I want to make a difference in people’s lives and to make a difference in the world. Being an entrepreneur isn’t always just about starting a business or developing something new. I would consider anyone pursuing any career out of the normal to be a great entrepreneur. The weakness that could come with being an entrepreneur is that there should be a solid foundation before pursuing each new step. Having big hopes and dreams is awesome; however, if there is no funding, or a lack of education you are just setting yourself up for failure. The world is changing quickly and people who are not on their toes will be quickly left behind. People need to be proactive in always looking towards the future. It’s never too early to start planning and getting a good solid foundation in place. For example, I have currently started making “fake” car payments. My car that I have had since high school, is on its’ last leg. By making fake payments, I am testing to see if my budget can handle these payments, and if I am able to keep on top of the payments each month. The second purpose for these payments is once I am ready to buy a car; I will have enough set away for a sizable down payment. This is just an example of how I try to set myself up for success and happiness. I truly believe that both business and entrepreneur can be happy, it all depends on the individual’s values and needs.   

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Final PDP

Personal Development Plan
Whitney Nicole Anderson
Applied Science Major at University of Wisconsin- Stout
Interdisciplinary concentration
Coaching and Health and Fitness minor

 What is my objective?
To be successful, to help injured athletes achieve their full potential, to use my knowledge and skills to make someone better and give them opportunities they otherwise might not of had. To help make society be healthier and live better lives, by maintaining their movement and mobility and promoting an active life style.

What are my strengths?
I have a strong background in biology and in health and fitness that I have obtained from my studies at UW-Stout. For 4 years I have experienced extensive first hand athletic training skills and have mastered majority of the techniques in prevention of injury and care for the athletes. I also have a vast knowledge and experience in CPR and first aid through working as a lifeguard for 6 years. I am a quick learner, very organized, time management skills and great leadership skills.

What are my values?
I very strongly believe in my Christian faith and value my religious community. I value hard work, family, financial security, great friendships, supportive and positive people and environments, my education and a healthy active life style.

 What are my goals for life?
1. Be the Head of an athletic Department for a Professional sports team
2. Graduate top of my class from Western Carolina University
3. Travel to Bali
4. Go on a medical mission trip to a 3rd world country
5. Coach a team to a championship
6. Leave a legacy
7. Teach my children the importance of education and helping others
8. Own and run a professional Olympic center
9. Never miss anything that’s important to my family
10. To make every day better than the one before

What areas do I need to develop?
I will be heading to a doctor of Physical theory graduate program to further my education and development as a Physical therapist.

How can I create opportunities?
I can create opportunities by meeting all the qualifications to be accepted into my future career. Also, by making and keep great friends and contacts in my field. I also believe by staying positive and by working hard great opportunities will always find their way to you.

What threats are there to prevent me moving on?
Financial backing is always a concern as graduate programs are not cheap. However, working part-time and receiving financial aid should help to fix that problem. There is also the issues that fate decided to through into one’s life without warning; however, I am not concerned of the timeline my goals will be completed.

 Time line
1-3 years – Have graduated from UW-Stout with a bachelor’s of science in Applied Science, to be enrolled in the Western Carolina University in the Doctor of physical theory graduate program. Be in a stable long term relationship.
4-10 years – Have graduated top of my class from the program, have been hired to a collegiate athletic training program. Have gotten married, and purchased a car.
11-20years- have been promoted to the head of the department, purchased a house. Had 2 -3 children and continuing my education
21-30 years – To have moved on to a professional athletic training program and continuing my education. Start getting plans in place for the Olympics center. (Partners, building, trainers, coaches, and backing)
31-40 years- To retire from head of the department of the professional sports team, and move to running the Olympic center full time, Which will be fully staff and daily practices of Olympic athletes. Have my kids in college/ married
41-50 years- to retire and travel with my husband, and to spent time with my family and grandkids.
51-60 years- to write a cook book and have it published
61-70 years- to have succeeded in all of my goals and be able to pass down my legacy and volunteer full time.

 Action List – Next Steps
Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
Be sure to update your CPD record to capture the development activities which support my PDP.
Reflective Learning
Each year I will re-evaluation my goals and my strategies of obtaining those goals. I will learn from the past and each year learning how to improve and how to succeed more efficiently.  Also, remembering to celebrate all of my successes along the way.

“Always Up & Onward”


Implementing a Lean Process
The elimination of waste is defined by three broad types of waste: Muda, Muri, and Mura. I used the original seven Muda to go through and make sure my desk space is efficient and I am able to utilize all of the work area, to get homework and other paperwork done quickly and with high quality.

The original seven muda are:
·         Transport (moving products that are not actually required to perform the processing)
    • My desk was a mess; I had tons of things all over my work space that had nothing to do with preforming homework. I cleaned off my desk putting the unneeded items in their appropriate place.
·         Inventory (all components, work in process and finished product not being processed
    • I know have a filing system for my homework. I have post-its for class that I write out all my tasks for the week on. I do them in other of when they are due. When the homework is done I put it in a file organizer I have in my back pack and then it is ready to be handing in.
·         Motion (people or equipment moving or walking more than is required to perform the processing)
    • I have all of my pens and pencil on the desk top for quick and easy access. I also have my primary books on my desk for easy resources. With having all the components need to preform my homework, at easy access, my homework can be done more efficiently and with higher quality.
·         Waiting (waiting for the next production step)
    • There are always new ways to improve and be more efficient.
·         Overproduction (production ahead of demand
    • Over our thanksgiving break, I have definitely utilized my time by finishing all old assignments and by getting a head start on studying for finals and finish final projects.
·         Over Processing (resulting from poor tool or product design creating activity)
    • So far I have not run into any poor tool or poor design. This have process have I implemented is working very well for me and is easy for me to maintain.
·         Defects (the effort involved in inspecting for and fixing defects)
It was a concern for me that with just a few busy days I would have a messy work space again. However, finding an efficient place for all of those items has proven very successful in keeping the work space clean and operating smoothly.
This whole process has proved very successful. After implementing this new process, I have not missing any assignments or quizzes. I have also improved my quiz and exams score by almost 25%. Being able to get my work done more efficiently is allowing me to have more time to study and has cut stress out of my life.

POST 13: Peer Evaluation

After going over the criteria discussed in class, our group has determined the final criteria in which each member will be rated on by fellow group members. Each member will get a rating 1 to 10 for each of the following catagories. All members will fill out this survey for each member of the group,including oneself.

1. Attendance/participation: Did they attend class and take part in group discussion with thoughtful ideas?

2. Initiative/Reliability: Do they get done the tasks they say their going do?

3.Cooperation/Communication: Do they express good communication skills such as; answering emails, coming to meetings, and working well will other teamates.

4. Research Quality - Everyone was expected to obtain certian research, Was their research done fully and from quality resources?

5. Deadlines met - Was the students information posted our grous google docs in a timely manner?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Looking through my room to apply the 5s process I found that I already have a good start on fulling the 5s's However, the one I found I needed to work on was that everything has its place for quick retrieval and  storage. But I also think this one goes hand in hand with cleanliness. So I started with my desk I cleaned it up and made sure that everything was in its place for quick retrieval and for proper storage. Below I have a before and after of how my desk looks. 


My desk is now usable and designed for better studying, My Book that I need the most are on my desk and now I have plenty of room for my computer and papers.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Quality Management

Jeffrey Thompson serves as a quality improvement advisor for the Mayo Clinic, Rochester Minn. In this position Thompson works to facilitate process assessment, improvement and redesign. Thompson’s responsibilities include consultation, facilitation and education on quality improvement methodologies and tools to provide value to patients that is consistent with the principles and goals of Mayo Clinic
Thompson joined Mayo Clinic in July 2008 as a Quality Improvement Advisor within Quality Management Services in Rochester. Prior to joining Mayo, he worked as a Six Sigma Black Belt within the Lean Six Sigma Department at the Memorial Hermann Healthcare System in Houston, Texas. Thompson is a licensed physical therapist with clinical inpatient rehabilitation experience. He has a master’s in healthcare administration from Texas Woman’s University in Houston and a master’s in physical therapy from Ohio University, Athens, Ohio.
mayo clinic

specific Ethical Question

Would letting a football player play knowing they are injured such as a concussion and not say anything right because it is their last football game?

NO! they could hurt themselves even worse. It is mine job to tell them and their coaches of the injury if decide to play it is on them.

I can understand where the concussion might be minor and the player would be able to play. However, there is a protocol for a reason. And if the player is cleared too early they could cause further injury by sustaining a TBI or Traumatic brain injury. I will stand by my decision as to not let them play they could further hurt themselves or others.
 interview with Head Athletic trainer at UW- Stout Susan Lew